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Club History

We are a small group of Miata enthusiasts that like to explore the twisty back roads and scenic lakes in Canada's premier vacation playground ..... Muskoka.

Muskoka, located in Central Ontario of Canada is well known as a holiday retreat; in fact National Geographic named Muskoka one of the top ten vacation destinations in the world. In the heart of the Canadian Shield, the area is defined by the rocks formed billions (yes, that’s a “b”) of years ago and then reshaped into our current land of hills, valleys, lakes and rivers during the most recent Ice Age.

Referred to as the Land of Lakes (there are over 1600 in the region) it is the perfect location to enjoy your Miata MX5. There are many well maintained roads in the area meandering through the forests and valleys and thanks to the geography you won't find a straight stretch of any length on any of them.

Gordon & Laurel Bauldry of Bracebridge, Ontario enjoyed a passion for their little sports car and they looked for a way to enhance their enjoyment. There were a few other Miatas just down the street so they made contact with them and suggested going for cruise etc.. The end result was the quasi formation of the Beaumont Miata Club.

This "club" (the predecessor to Miatas of Muskoka) came into being during the summer of 2009. There were four Miatas involved and seven members all of whom lived on Beaumont Drive (hence the club moniker). " We just wanted to get together and so went on quite a few day trips nearby such as Killarney, Little Hawk Lake, Dorset, Haliburton, Rosseau, and a few others" claims Laurel.

In the summer of 2010 Gordon & Laurel, with the help from Nigel Ford and Russell Sieber, the sales reps in the local Mazda dealership solicited names of known Miata owners in the area. They approached these individuals to attend a "Meet & Greet". A total of ten cars with their owners showed up for that initial meeting which generated enough interest to form the Miatas of Muskoka. The meeting produced some cruise ideas and soon enough they were off cruising.

Although being new at this "car club thing”, Gordon & Laurel were fortunate enough to have one member, who had started a Shelby club in Toronto years before, to help get things rolling. Soon enough cruises were planned and newsletters produced that help fan the enthusiasm the group shared towards their wonderful little cars.

Today the group is still relatively small as membership typically fluctuates in the range of 25 to 30 cars annually but there is a very high participation rate by most of the members. The club now has a web site (, a Facebook page, club merchandise and enjoys bi-weekly, mid-week ice cream runs and monthly cruises to keep everyone behind the wheel. It has become a terrific way to get more enjoyment out of our Miata, discover new places and meet new friends.

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