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Our Contact Information:


Please feel free to contact any one of our Councillors listed below:


Our Councillors

Contact Us

Memberships:         Claude Mikolainis   

Ph: (705) 417-2756  Email


Social Events:         Judy Gigg               

Ph: (705) 326-3248  Email


Cruising Activities:   Rick Beutler       

Ph: (705) 791-7797  Email


Newsletter:               Doug Jackson   

Ph: (705) 835-6900  Email 


Treasury:                  Wendy Buzak   

Ph: (705) XXX-XXX  Email


Communications:     Rick Beutler       

Ph: (705) 791-7797  Email    


Web Site:                 Michael Topping

Ph: (705) 644-1565  Email


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