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In Memorium

Laurel Bauldry - the MoM of Miatas of Muskoka

All of us in the car club will fondly remember Laurel’s bubbly personality and her genuine interest in other people. She was always a pleasure to be around at our various cruises and events.

In the summer of 2009 Laurel and her husband Gord started the Beaumont Miata Club by convincing a few neighbours who owned a Miata to join them for an occasional afternoon cruise. They enjoyed the experience so much that, with the help of the local Mazda dealer (since closed), they formed the Miatas of Muskoka in July 2010.

Laurel was not just the original MoM member. In the beginning, she was the membership coordinator, the communicator for the group, looked after the liability forms for insurance, and helped organize cruises and managed all financial issues. She also handled the club merchandise (ordering/maintaining inventory, selling to members) which was our only means of income outside of memberships at the time (no subsidies from Mazda back then).

Gord and Laurel were the Cruise Directors for our first ever cruise (to Haliburton) and established on day one the MoM tradition of ice cream afterwards.

Since that time, she and Gord have attended a ridiculously high number of cruises ever since. You could count on one hand the number of events they MISSED in a season. They truly were the backbone of the group for the first few years before help arrived with the setting up of the Club Council. Since the council was formed Laurel and Gord have participated on it every season.

They say God drives a Miata and it warms the heart to know He now has a new co-pilot.

Good-bye Laurel rest peacefully and thank you for everything.


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